Improving Stiffness
Sawing Machine

Deformation under Operating Conditions
Ensuring Durability
Ship Propeller

Stresses due to hydrodynamic & centrifugal Loads
Reducing Vibrations
Alpine Racing Ski

Torsional Mode featuring Design/Topology Detail
Optimizing Acoustics
I4 Engine with Balancer Shafts

Structure born Noise
Providing Safety
Cargo Van

Crashworthiness featuring Crashbox Detail
Empowering Digital Twins
Tooling Machine

Assembly with transparent Display of Table Section & Operator

Engineering Excellence...

...focussing on structural mechanics, payerconsulting is one of today's best engineering consultancies, developer of advanced simulation techniques & AI solutions*, godfather of neural Networks for product development, and strategic R&D partner of market leaders from different industrial areas.     PDF >>

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Engineering Services
Software Development


eOSSP  ::  Open Source Simulation
[deepvirtuality]  ::  AI & neural Networks

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                          AI :: Leveraging the Values
                          of Simulation