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...Artificial Intelligence ('AI') and neural Networks (‘nN’) are about to disrupt today’s design & engineering processes, and trigger a new era in the multiple fields of product development, across all industries!
e-fea/nN Spotlights :: Templates for slider-based Design/Topology Variations with ‘live’ nN Predictions of any mechanical Properties

Trained sophisticatedly on historical simulation and/or testing data, nN are able to accurately predict the mechanical properties of any products – from stiffness & durability, over vibrations, acoustics & multi-body dynamics, up to fluid mechanics, crash behavior et al...

...with this respect – featuring PyTorch & eOSSP Libraries for rapid nN trainings & deployments, with (optionally) tailored data generation – our neural Network Solutions* enable massive reductions of product development times & costs, leveraging the values of simulation techniques and replacing simulation in many areas.     PDF >>

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                                      Deformation Behaviour of a Sawing Machine**
                                      Stiffness of an Alpine Ski
                                      Durability of a High-Speed Wind Turbine
                                      Natural Frequencies of a Fridge Compressor
                                      Sound Pressure Spectra at an Exhaust Gas Box
                                      Crashworthiness of a Cargo Van
                                      Fluid Dynamics in a HVAC Channel

                                      ** e-fea/nN Templates on Windows Desktop feat.
                                      San Francisco MOMA & eOSSP Backbag
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