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...established in 1992, and focussing on the development & application of highly advanced CAE technologies ever since, payerconsulting today is one of the world's best engineering consultancies.

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Erich Payer

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Publications, Talks & Panels
DMMI Manufacturing Conference, Bled/Slovenia 1993
MTZ Motortechnische Zeitschrift, Stuttgart/Germany 1994
AUTOCHINA Congress, Beijing/China 1994
SAE International Congress, Detroit/USA 1995
FISITA Congress, Prague/Czech Republic 1996
SAE Mobility Technology Conference, Sao Paulo/Brazil 1996
SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference, Detroit/USA 1996
SAE International Congress, Detroit/USA 1997
ISATA Congress, Florence/Italy 1997
SAE International Congress, Detroit/USA 1998
ISATA Congress, Dublin/Ireland 2000
MSC Worldwide Aerospace Conference, Toulouse/France 2001
FISITA Congress, Helsinki/Finland 2002
VPD Conference, Graz/Austria 2003
SAE India Conference, Pune/India 2004
VDI Conference on Product Development, Leoben/Austria 2004
LMS NA Conference, Detroit/USA 2006
VPD in Automotive Engineering, Chiemsee/Germany 2008
MIT Conference on Fluid & Structural Mechanics, Cambridge/USA 2011
NAFEMS World Congress, Salzburg/Austria 2013
NAFEMS World Congress, San Diego/USA 2015
Nvidia GTC, San Jose/California 2018
Siemens AI Meetup, Munich/Germany 2018
VDI, Essen/Germany 2019
Nvidia AI Meetup, Zurich/Switzerland 2019

NAFEMS Eastern Europe Conference, Online 2020
IHK/KI Fachtagung, Reutlingen/Germany 2021