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...our evolution Open Source Simulation Project (‘eOSSP’) has been designed to initiate a radical change towards joint development & free distribution of highly advanced CAE software!

The eOSSP builds upon the Finite-Element Software evolution-fea (‘e-fea’) – which was born out of the AK32 Task Force 'Engine Simulation' of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche & VW – and upon an Open Source Business Model.

So, enjoy the e-fea Spotlights below and don't hesitate to visit our eOSSP Platform for downloads of software, tutorials, benchmarks et al.

Simulation Portfolio

Focussing on structural mechanics our Simulation Portfolio covers multiple fields of Finite Element (FE) meshing and analyses, from stiffness over durability up to vibrations & acoustics...   >>

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Simulation Spotlights

Building FE Models - Car Body for NVH Analyses

Improving Stiffness - Drilling/Sawing Compound

Ensuring Durability - Hip Joint Prosthesis

Reducing Vibrations - Alpine Ski
Optimizing NVH - V12 Power Unit
Analyzing nonlinear Dynamics - Inline-4 Crankshaft