Lower Cost, better Quality, more Flexibility, and an End to predatory Vendor Lock-in...

...our evolution Open Source Simulation Project (‘eOSSP’) has been designed to initiate a radical change towards joint development & free distribution of highly advanced CAx software.

The eOSSP builds upon the Finite-Element Software evolution-fea (‘e-fea’) – which was born out of the AK32 Task Force 'Engine Simulation' of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche & VW – and upon an Open Source Business Model.

So, enjoy the e-fea Spotlights below and don't hesitate to visit our eOSSP Platform for downloads of software, tutorials et al.

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e-fea Spotlights:

Light Duty Truck - FE Crash Model featuring transparent View

Drilling/Sawing Compound - Stiffness

Ship Propeller - Principal Stresses due to Pressure & centrifugal Loads

Electrically driven Engine - Natural Vibrations

Alpine Ski Boot - 3D STL Model for CAD/CAM Processes

Tooling Machine - CAD Assembly
Inline-4 Crankshaft - nonlinear Dynamics & transient Stresses
V12 Power Unit - nonlinear Dynamics & transient Vibration Behaviour