Building CAE Models
Car Body

Improving Stiffness
Formula Student Race-Car
Ensuring Durability
Reducing Vibrations
Fridge Compressor
Optimizing Acoustics
V12 Engine
Processing CAD Models
Tooling Machine
Improving Stiffness
Fuel Tank
Ensuring Durability
Ship Propeller
Reducing Vibrations
Alpine Ski
Optimizing NVH
V8 Power Unit
Generating 3D-Printing Data
Alpine Ski-Boot
"...that's why AI makes a
good Engineer an even
better one!"
Volkswagen AG

Focussing on structural mechanics, we are a widely acknowledged engineering consultancy, developer of breakthrough AI solutions & tailored simulation tools, and strategic R&D partner of market leaders from different industrial areas.


eOSSP ... Open Source Simulation
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