[deepvirtuality] AI

AI and neural Networks (‘nN’) are about to disrupt today’s design & engineering processes, and trigger a new era in the multiple fields of product development, across all industries...

...trained sophisticatedly on existing simulation and/or testing data, nNs are able to accurately predict the mechanical properties of any products – from stiffness over durability up to acoustics, fluid dynamics, crash behaviour et al.

Thus – featuring instant design variations with ‘live’ nN predictions – our [deepvirtuality] AI solutions enable massive reductions of product development times & costs and most significant improvements of product quality, leveraging the values of simulation techniques and replacing simulation in many areas.


"That's why AI makes a
good Engineer an even
better one!"

Volkswagen AG

'live' nN Predictions - Crash Deformations of a Light Duty Truck


'live' nN Predictions - Sound Pressure Spectrum at an Exhaust Gas Box

'live' nN Predictions - Natural Frequencies of a Refrigerator Compressor


'live' nN Predictions - Durability of an Airplane Safety Belt Carrier

'live' nN Predictions - Stiffness of a Chemical Fluid Container


And, our evolution Open Source Simulation Project (‘eOSSP’) has been designed to initiate a radical change towards joint development & free distribution of highly advanced CAx software.

The eOSSP builds upon the Finite-Element Software evolution-fea (‘e-fea’) – which was born out of the AK32 Task Force 'Engine Simulation' of the German car makers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche & VW – and upon an Open Source Business Model.

So, enjoy the e-fea Spotlights below and don't hesitate to visit our eOSSP Platform for downloads of software, tutorials et al...
"...lower Cost, better Quality, more Flexibility, and an End to predatory Vendor Lock-in!"

Light Duty Truck - FE Crash Model featuring transparent View

Drilling/Sawing Compound - Stiffness

Ship Propeller - Principal Stresses due to Pressure & centrifugal Loads

Electrically driven Engine - Natural Vibrations

Alpine Ski Boot - 3D STL Model for CAD/CAM Processes

Tooling Machine - CAD Assembly
Inline-4 Crankshaft - nonlinear Dynamics & transient Stresses
V12 Power Unit - nonlinear Dynamics & transient Vibration Behaviour