"That's why AI makes a
good Engineer an even better one!"
Volkswagen AG

AI and neural Networks (‘nN’) are about to disrupt today’s design & engineering processes, and trigger a new era in the multiple fields of product development, across all industries...

...trained sophisticatedly on existing simulation and/or testing data, nNs are able to accurately predict the mechanical properties of any products – from stiffness over durability up to acoustics, fluid dynamics, crash behaviour et al.

Thus – featuring instant design variations with ‘live’ nN predictions – our [deepvirtuality] solutions enable massive reductions of product development times & costs and most significant improvements of product quality, leveraging the values of simulation techniques and replacing simulation in many areas.

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AI Spotlights:

Crash Deformations of a Light Duty Truck

Sound Pressure Spectrum at an Exhaust Gas Box

Natural Frequencies of a Refrigerator Compressor

Durability of an Airplane Safety Belt Carrier

Distortion of a Tooling Machine under Operating Conditions

Deformation Behaviour & Reference Stresses of a Circuit Breaker under Test Load

Deformation Behaviour of an Inline-4 Crankshaft under Reference Load

Fillet Stresses at an Inline-4 Crankshaft under Reference Load

Plastic Strains at a Steering Knuckle

Fluid Dynamics in a HVAC Unit

Drag Coefficient of a Passenger Car

Dynamic Stiffness of a Passenger Car Spring Link

Torsional Frequencies of a Car Body

Coolant Temperatures of a WLTP Reference Car

Stiffness of a Chemical Fluid Container

Bending Frequencies of a Tooling Machine

Mode Shapes of a Tooling Machine

Deformation Behaviour of a Seat Adjuster Motor Carrier

Deformation Behaviour of a Fuel Tank

Structure born Noise of a V12 Engine

Durability of a V12 Crankshaft

Natural Vibrations of a V12 Crankshaft

Durability of a Roof Tiles H-Cassette

Durability of a Hip Joint Prosthesis

Deflection of an Alpine Ski

Stiffness of an Alpine Ski - Bending Line

Stiffness of an Alpine Ski Boot

Stiffness of an Alpine Ski Boot, 3D